Frequently Asked Questions


What does membership provide?
  • Access to Club Football Ticket Lottery (game depends on allotment from the University)
  • Club News & Information: Club Newsletter, E-mail updates, Event invitations
  • Access to Members-Only Discussion Groups on Club website (Ticket & Parking Pass Exchange, Job Postings, Roommate Listings, etc.)
  • Discounted Pricing to Club Events
  • Additional benefits are available at Gold and Emerald member levels which vary from year to year.
How long does my membership last?

Regardless of when you sign up, membership with the Notre Dame Club of Chicago starts July 1st and ends June 30th

Can I join the Chicago Club and not live in the boundaries?

Of course! All alumni, family, and friends are welcome to join the Notre Dame Club of Chicago. Most of our members live in the Chicago area, but some live as far away as New York and California.

What are the Notre Dame Club of Chicago boundaries?

The list of zip codes  included in our Club boundaries can be found here. These boundaries are set by the Notre Dame Alumni Association.

How do I apply to be a board member?

The Notre Dame Club of Chicago makes Board Member applications available each spring. The nominating committee votes on applicants and offers positions based on the number of vacancies on the Board. The application period for fiscal year 2018/2019 is now open. View the application here: NDCC Board Application FY2019


I’m not getting the weekly Notre Dame Club of Chicago e-newsletters. How can I sign up?

The Notre Dame Club of Chicago utilizes the Alumni Association listserv to send out weekly e-newsletters. If you are not receiving e-newsletters, make sure you’re registered on and that you’ve selected the Chicago Club as your “home club.” (Click here to update your profile on myNotreDame)

I’m a current NDCC member. How do I access the Club Ticket Board?

Current Notre Dame Club of Chicago members can access the Ticket Board to purchase or sell tickets. To post to the Ticket Board, follow these steps:

1. Login on the NDCC homepage (

2. Type your username and password into the gold login box on the upper, right-hand corner.

3. Tip: Your username and password are typically set to your email address.

4. Once you login, you’ll see a listing of current boards. Click on “Ticket and Parking Pass Exchange Board.”

5. This link will take you to the Ticket Board where you can peruse other members’ posts or write your own.


If I receive Club mailings, does that mean that my child is within the boundaries for scholarship consideration?

No. The Notre Dame Club of Chicago will periodically send mailings to our base of alumni and friends in the Chicago area. Our “base” includes a list of alumni/parents/friends within the Notre Dame Alumni Association’s Chicago parameters. We supplement this list with members who have signed up with the Club but perhaps fall outside of the Alumni Association’s parameters. Therefore, it is possible to receive Notre Dame Club of Chicago mailings but not be eligible for Notre Dame Club of Chicago Scholarship consideration. Please keep in mind that the University of Notre Dame Office of Financial Aid determines the zip code parameters of the Chicago Club. (Click here: NDCC Zip Codes to see a listing of zip codes considered part of the Chicago Club.)

Can I make a tax-deductible donation to help fund the Chicago Club Scholarships AND get credit for having made my annual Football Lottery donation?

Yes!  Here is a LINK to donate.

Also, many companies will match donations to us. To find out if your company does this, please contact your HR department

If I make a donation to the Chicago Club’s scholarship activities in memory of an ND alumni, or otherwise intended for direct support of the Scholarship Foundation, will I get a charitable donation receipt for my income tax purposes?

Yes, the Scholarship Foundation is an IRS 501(c)(3) organization and sends out appropriate documentation for any donations it receives either directly or through the Club office.

If I am a member of the Notre Dame Club of Chicago, and if my son/daughter is admitted to Notre Dame as a high school senior is he/she eligible for one of the Club’s scholarships?

No.  Although all admitted students who apply to ND as high school seniors are eligible for one local Notre Dame Club scholarship, the decision about for WHICH Notre Dame Club’s scholarship a particular student is eligible is determined by the University’s Office of Student Financial Services, not by the individual Club.  An admitted high school senior can call the Office of Student Financial Services to determine for which Club’s scholarship he or she is eligible and therefore he/she should apply. 

If I am a member of the Notre Dame Club of Chicago, and if my son/daughter transfers to Notre Dame later in his/her undergraduate career, is he/she eligible for one of the Club’s scholarships?

Unfortunately, no. The Notre Dame Club of Chicago offers undergraduate scholarships to members of each entering undergraduate class once, during the spring prior to matriculation as freshmen.  Those scholarships are then renewable during a student’s undergraduate degree program, so long as the Office of Student Financial Services verifies need and academic eligibility. The Notre Dame Club of Chicago scholarship foundation does not award scholarship funds for the first time to upperclassmen or students who transfer to Notre Dame after the Chicago Club scholarships for that class have been awarded.  However, an enrolled student or transfer student is encouraged to contact the Office of Student Financial Services for possible assistance, if his/her financial aid needs change from the “need” reflected in the most recently-filed Federal Financial Aid/Notre Dame financial aid forms.

Club Advertising/Networking

My company/organization is interested in partnering with the Notre Dame Club of Chicago. How do we get started?

There are many ways to partner with the Notre Dame Club of Chicago. We have sponsors for our communications, website and events. Please e-mail the Club Manager if you’re interested!

Can the Notre Dame Club of Chicago advertise for my charitable organization?

The Notre Dame Club of Chicago recognizes its reach and potential impact in serving the local Chicago community. Volunteering opportunities are encouraged and can be coordinated through the Club Manager and Service Committee. If you are looking to advertise a fundraising event or board members, please use our members discussion forums.

Still Need Help?

For any other questions, please contact us at or call us at 312-922-4663