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Veterans Initiative

March 13, 2017


Welcome to the ND Club of Chicago Veterans Initiative


Whether you are a Vet, or not, or a Notre Dame alum,  or not, or a family member of a Vet or a Notre Dame alum, you are welcome to participate in the ND Club of Chicago Veterans Initiative!

Our Mission: to serve all who are now or once were members of the Armed Forces of the United States, to educate and inform the Notre Dame community about them, and to do so in accordance with the values of the Notre Dame Club of Chicago and in the spirit of Notre Dame.

Our Subcommittees: Marketing & Outreach Subcommittee, Events Subcommittee, Spiritual & Service Subcommittee

Marketing and Outreach Subcommittee: Responsible for outreach to veterans in the community and at the University. Reach out to veteran leaders and coordinate with other veteran groups. There are currently several student groups including a MBA Veterans Group and a Law School Group.  Develop a pipeline to bring veterans to the Initiative to identity those who need assistance and to grow the Initiative. Chairman Kevin Carrier & Co-Chairman Michael Ziener

Events Subcommittee: Responsible for organizing networking and social events, identifying
speakers and programs on topics that will be of interest to newly separated
veterans. Chairman Rob Cameron & Co-Chairman John Gordon

Spiritual and Service Subcommittee: Responsible for organizing service events, incorporating community service into the Initiative, developing programs to serve the spiritual needs of veterans in the community, in conjunction with our Army, Navy and Air Force Chaplain-Vets. Chairman Jerry Novotny & VIC Co-Chairman David Sauve

Resource Directory: A directory of those willing to help our fellow Veterans in some way, whether as simple as a coffee or a phone call, or providing some insight into your company or industry. Even if it’s only 20 minutes of your time, we can assure you it will be gratifying in more ways than you know. Headed by the Veterans Initiative Committee Chairman John Gordon, if you are interested in participating please email him at to be added to the resource directory.

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committee and hayes

Members of the Veterans Initiative Committee with Major General Richard Hayes at the March 9th VIC luncheon

Top row (R-L):
David Sauve (co-chairman), Major General Richard Hayes (The Adjutant General, IL National Guard), Dolores “Dede” Simon (NDCC President), Michael Marrion
Bottom row (R-L): Russ Hopkins, Jerry Novotny (Spiritual & Service Subcommittee), Bill Northrip, Michael Ziener, Michael Handlon