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Senior Alumni

July 25, 2012


Seniors often have the time and talents and are able to give back. We engage senior alumni and friends in meaningful community service through club and class sponsored activities.

  • Enhance opportunities for senior alumni to reunite with long lost colleagues.
  • Promote senior volunteer service
  • Provide avenues for senior alumni to affect positive change within their communities.
  • Enable seniors to use their talents, skills and education to enhance the lives of others.
  • Encourage senior alumni and friends to engage in the six (C’s) of Alumni Association program development: Camaraderie, Community Service, Continuing Education, Catholic/Christian spirituality, Current student support, Communication
  • Respond to the growing population of senior alumni to assure representation within the Alumni Association and active participation in future alumni programming.
  • Continue to develop programs that re- main responsive to the changing needs of the senior population.

Notre Dame Senior Alumni Newsletter: The Golden Domer

The most current issue of The Golden Domer features stories about Fr. Hesburgh.

Link to the entire newsletter:


Community Service:

Senior alumni are invited to serve at community dinners with Our Lady of the Angels Mission. Dates of upcoming community dinners can be found on the Club’s homepage and on the Mission’s calendar.

Volunteers are asked to arrive between 4PM and 5PM for set up and meal prep. At 5:30, there will be a prayer service followed by dinner and clean up. Our Lady of the Angels especially needs volunteers around 6:30 for a “Clean Up Shift.”

You do not need to bring any food – just yourself and a friend or two! In addition to the dinner prep, serving and clean up, we will sit with the community residents for camaraderie. We hope to have the evening wrapped up by 8 pm.

The Mission of Our Lady of the Angels is located at 3808 W Iowa St. Please RSVP to Ed Rog at or 847.867.4002.



For more information, contact Ed Rog at