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Summer Service Learning Projects (SSLP)

March 27, 2011


The SSLP is an eight-week experience within a three-credit Theology course (S/U). In partnership with the Center for Social Concerns on campus, the ND Club of Chicago sponsors a student(s) to work in an agency or parish in the local community. The Center for Social Concerns recruits Notre Dame students who are interested in expanding their education by working with and learning from persons who are marginalized in society.

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Michelle KimHello! My name is Michelle Kim, and I’m going to be a junior this upcoming fall. I lived in Pasquerilla West the past two years, but I will be studying abroad at Trinity College in Dublin for the school year, then I will be living off-campus. I’m from Skokie, IL and my major is Philosophy and Pre-Health. I’m serving at KIPP Chicago Charter Schools this summer, which so far has been such a great experience getting to know the ins and outs of running a charter school system for under-served neighborhoods. I always believed that education can be the tool to help ameliorate the wealth gap and the segregation found in Chicago, and I felt very compelled to KIPP’s mission to work effortlessly to bridge that gap. 



SSLP YooJinHi, I’m Yoo Jin, and I will be a sophomore this fall. I lived in Walsh my freshman year, but I am moving into PW this coming semester. I’m originally from Seoul, South Korea but currently live in Glendale, CA. I am serving in Misericordia this summer, and absolutely love it! I decided to take part in the SSLP because I wanted to strengthen my Catholic faith by establishing a connection between Catholic teachings and inclusion of marginalized members of society. I also wished to focus on serving the community for an extended period of time- something I’ve never done before, but have always been interested in doing. So far, I feel Misericordia has served me more than I’ve managed to serve it through its pure and kind-hearted residents and beautiful community built on a basis of trust and love.



10003931_4067495061306_1314638574_n“My name is Liz DeLucia and I’m a rising junior at Notre Dame. On campus, I call Lyons Hall home, but I am originally from Trumbull, Connecticut. This summer, I am completing the summer service learning program at Misericordia Home on the North Side of Chicago. I chose to do an SSLP at Misericordia as a way to learn more about the world, explore a new city, and further my interest in disability services as a potential career path.” – Liz DeLucia (’17)




Profile Pic ”My name is William Niermeyer and I will be a sophomore student at Notre Dame. Originally from Columbus, Ohio, I am a current resident of Duncan Hall, the newest male dorm on campus, and am majoring in Science-Business with a supplementary major in Ancient Roman and Greek Civilization. This summer, I am serving at the Mission at Our Lady of the Angels. I decided to do an SSLP, because helping others has always been important to me and it seemed like an appropriate way to spend the summer after my freshman year. I chose Our Lady of the Angels because of its work with children and its commitment to living and teaching the Catholic faith.” - William Niermeyer (’18)





headshotirish“My name is Maggie Moran and I am a rising junior at ND.  I am a proud resident of Farley Hall from Western Springs, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.  This summer, I am serving at the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless.  I was drawn to the CCH for many reasons, one of which being the organization’s dedication to such an important cause while preserving the dignity of individuals. I am a psychology major fascinated with behavior and communication, so I am excited for this opportunity to interact with people and join in activism.  I am so grateful for the Summer Service Learning Program and look forward to letting this experience open my eyes to a different side of my home city!” - Maggie Moran (’17)




By arch“My name is Courtney Morin and I am a PDub purple weasel from South Bend. I’ll be a sophomore in the coming year and am really excited to be studying Romance Languages and Literatures (Spanish and French) as well as Education, Schooling and Society at Notre Dame. I am also really excited about volunteering at Misericordia this summer. For those of you who may not know, Misericordia is a residential facility for adults with developmental disabilities. So far, it has been an absolutely incredible experience; I have learned so much! I decided to do an SSLP for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I have been thinking a lot about doing some kind of service work as a career after college. However, I have not yet done service for an extended amount of time, so I thought an SSLP would be a great opportunity to try my hand at it. Secondly, as a “townie,” it is sometimes good and even necessary to leave the South Bend area. While I love it there, it is definitely nice to go out and explore the world a bit. Chicago has been a wonderful place to do that! Finally, I thought working with people with disabilities would be a really useful learning experience. I think that learning to respect every person for who they are is a really important, fundamental skill to develop before trying to do any kind of work. So, that is what I am doing here in Chicago. Thank you all so much for giving me and my fellow Chicago  SSLP students this wonderful experience. We are so grateful for your generosity and hope to repay the favor at least a bit through our work this summer. Many blessing to you all and Go Irish!”
~Courtney Morin (‘18)


10565236_824548217556685_7030493710391139108_nMy name is Danny Jasek, and I will be a sophomore at Notre Dame studying Computer Engineering and living in Duncan Hall. I am from Dayton, Ohio and am serving at the Mission of Our Lady of the Angels this summer. I decided to do an SSLP mostly because I found a great site that fit my interests. I wanted to work with children, and I get to be a camp counselor at the local YMCA here. There are also great opportunities to grow in faith here as we are living in community with 5 Franciscan sisters and a priest, and I have enjoyed this environment very much.” Danny Jasek, ’18, SSLP 2015






“I hit the jackpot when I chose this site [Our Lady of the Angels] and I don’t think I could have wished for a better summer experience. Over my eight weeks, I cultivated some great and fruitful relationships with the residents of the mission. They taught me more than they could ever know, from deepening and expanding my faith-life to making me realize the intrinsic value of serving others. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to live with them this summer.” Hunter McDaniel, ’16, SSLP 2013